18 November 2014 to 01 March 2015


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West Berkshire Council

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We're creating a simple web application for our election counts in 2015, so that candidates and the public are better informed about what's happening where and when.

We’re going to put it on screens at the count but it’ll also be viewable online too, so those who are not at there or who have smartphone or tablet at the event can follow it wherever they are.

It’s basically just a simple web application written in .NET that’s reading entries on an Excel spreadsheet and putting them on a web page, so it’ll be really simple for whoever is updating it on the days (our counts are going to be spread across three days) to put the data in.

It uses a .NET Master File and CSS to add the wireframe and look and feel, so would be quite easy for you to change to your house style.

Let us know if you're interested in using it.


  • Liked Sarah Lay
    We already have one of these - can display via a council chamber or county map. Let us know if it would be useful to have a conversation and use what already exists rather than build from scratch?
  • Liked James Bancroft
    We are currently working on a project very similar however instead of using a Excel Spreadsheet we are using a ASP.net MVC application with SignalR to push realtime updates to browsers on various screens with Javascript Pie Charts.