15 January 2015 to 31 March 2015


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Open Addresses

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Website: https://openaddressesuk.org Github: https://github.com/OpenAddressesUK Contact: [email protected] APIs: https://openaddressesuk.org/about/apidocu

Boilerplate text: "At Open Addresses UK, we are bringing together information about the places where we live, work and go about our daily lives. By gathering information provided to us by people about their own addresses, and from open sources on the web, we are creating an open address list for the UK, available to everyone"

What are we doing?

Building a platform that can be used to build, maintain and publish an address dataset for the UK. All source code is open. All data will free of third party intellectual property rights (IPR), or will be taken down. All published data will be CC-BY-4.0. All data's provenance is tracked. Dataset can be consumed as a bittorrent download, via APIs, or as a persistent URL per address.

How can you get involved?

  • Provide feedback on APIs and current dataset
  • Get in touch to become a trialist for Beta
  • Contribute to the forums to say what features are useful to you
  • Contribute code
  • Contribute large (IPR-clean!) datasets
  • Get in touch to discuss how to contribute new addresses as they are created
  • Integrate to consume open data

What's it useful for?

Building online services that require address lookup or to handle free-format addresses, offline analytics which require address, building online services that need linked data, stimulating community activity with open data, stimulating economy activity with (truly) open data, etcetera etcetera


Public Alpha from 14 Jan moving into Beta in April Alpha APIs published in late February: https://openaddressesuk.org/about/apidocu