24 June 2015 to 31 August 2015


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Hertfordshire County Council

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24 June 2015 View History

I have been asked to investigate options for a text messaging system for roadworks status updates.

The system would work supplementing a current agreed communications protocols by which we send a letter to residents and businesses (users from now on)to alert them of forthcoming roadworks. It is envisaged that this letter would have a call to action to get users to sign up to changes in roadworks that will affect them.

Rough outline- users get a letter which contains a call to action – a signup to a text messaging system by imputing a unique code for that roadworks scheme. In this example the works are surface dressing on Acacia Avenue, Hertford which begin on Monday. Message 1- User then receives a thank you. Message 2- sent on Sunday- a reminder that works will begin on Monday and for users to move their car

Happy path- job done- no further messages

Unhappy path- Message 3- the gang won’t be on site until 3pm- then the user is relayed this real time information. Message 4- works are overrunning and we will need to close the road again tomorrow