07 March 2016 to 01 April 2016


Project Owner

Barnsley Borough Council

[email protected]


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When residents damage or misplace their wheelie bins (grey for household, blue for cardboard, green for garden, brown for plastics and tins, or white sacks for paper), there are a variety of solutions:

  • Replace a wheel
  • Replace a lid pin
  • Replace a lid
  • Replace an entire bin
  • Order a new bin (old one is missing)

We we're originally giving customers all of these options with different prices to satisfy their needs.

This project aims to simplify that by simply delivering new whole bins to them and taking away the broken (or spare) ones.

Our new eForm is available from https://www.barnsley.gov.uk/apply-for-it/bins-or-white-sacks/

This offers a single price and customers can order the replacement bins that they need. It only asks for the information we need to deliver those and nothing else.

It's an excercise in simplicity and minimalism.