01 January 2009 to 09 October 2014


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Hinckley & Bosworth District Council

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All councils in Leicestershire have access to the A to Z of services API. This API aggregates all Leicestershire councils’ A to Zs and also includes entries for the fire service and police in the county.

Each council chooses which services to include in their website. The API includes location parameters so that customers can see parish council services near to their specific location which may be over the county/borough boundary.


The API was developed in 2009 by Cuttlefish according to the specification of the Leicestershire Gateway Partnership, a partnership of all councils in the County. The aggregated A to Z was developed to:

  • Improve customer journeys over the partner websites: customers don’t always know or care who provides a service
  • Help maintain currency: each organisation only has to keep their own links up-to-date

Services included

The A to Z includes borough council services, county council services, parish council services and police and fire services. You choose which services are included. At Hinckley & Bosworth, in addition to our own services, we include parish council services, frequently visited county council services and the main link for the fire service.

A legend is provided to show who provides which service:

Customers set a location to see parish council services near to their location. You only need to set your location once in the website for all location-based services and information (bin collection day, my area)

New development – Hinckley & Bosworth top tasks

We have recently introduced top tasks into our A to Z, replicating the style of top tasks on our landing pages. Our most frequently visited services now appear at the top of the list.

Please give us feedback.

How it is delivered – technical information

Each organisation makes its data available from its respective website. Cuttlefish developed support for multiple data formats.

At Hinckley & Bosworth, a CSV file holds the data for each service:

  • Service - a unique ID: either an LGSL id or a Hinckley specific id (for example: hinckley-bosworth/24)
  • Letter – The letter the service begins with
  • Title – Each title is unique (for example: New bin)
  • Term – There can be one or more terms for each title (for example Bins - new bin under ‘B’, new bin under ‘N’)
  • Url – The web page the user is taken to when the service in the A to Z is clicked on

The CSV file is uploaded to the Leicestershire Community’s APIs dashboard.

(You can also set up an automatic feed from your website and you can manually add and edit entries directly in the dashboard.)

In the dashboard, you can also exclude specific services provided by other organisations.

Once the CSV file has been imported into the dashboard, the data is aggregated and made available through the API for other organisations to use.

API – parameters

The API accepts a number of parameters and supports multiple output formats to suit different website platforms such as XML, JSON and serialized PHP.

Examples of parameters which the API currently includes:

  • Provider
  • Letter
  • Location (the name of the borough/area where the service is provided)
  • Postcode
  • Easting
  • Northing
  • Uprn
  • Format – xml is the default, but json, php possible

For a full, up-to-date list of supported parameters, visit http://apis.leicestershirecommunity.com/atoz-items.html

The following is an example XML response from ‘A to Z aggregator’ webservice for the letter ‘N’.

Top tasks

We have a REST service internally for top tasks which includes the following fields:

  • Weighting
  • Letter
  • Service
  • Term
  • Url
  • Image path

We maintain a separate CSV file which is hosted on our main web server to update the top A to Z REST service. Any task included in this CSV file is excluded from the main A to Z list so that services only appear once.