20 October 2014 to 30 March 2015


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West Berkshire Council

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To meet the requirements of the Care Act we built a service that directs users to the appropriate information, based on their needs.

We ran a service design session to help create an initial prototype and the outputs were:

These are technology independent and can be used by anyone building a similar service.

The service creates a list of relevant information based on the needs the user has identified. You can see the live service here:


We built this service using Goss Interactive's iCM Platform and other organisations using iCM as their service delivery platform can import it service into their own for free here:



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    We're interested in building a public service to allow third parties to pass data from their own self assessment tools. Common standards would facilitate this...
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    This is something that I have been thinking about as well. There is a technical element to this, however there are strong business fundamentals that need to be worked out to make this achievable. I am very keen on the concept of 'smart questions' to point people in the right direction at the earliest point of the assessment.
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    We are working on something that may well encompass much of what the Care Act will need. We are developing a system utilising Ohana as a database of sources of services, community groups and individuals who are interested or active in their communities. It will source the content from modules installed on various third party web sites, hyperlocal sites, council sites and more. Each of these sites has a user base, details are maintained by the users so updates filter through to the Ohana store automatically. We will then be able to link users, service providers and groups on each site with those registered on other sites, creating a network of contacts with our code providing the conduit for contacts to be made. The resources (human, groups, assets) will be able to be mapped so you can get an idea of what is in your area/ward/neighbourhood. Hopefully it will trigger greater engagement between groups, enable people find out what is out there for a wide range of uses including many for the Care Act. It removes the need for everyone to go to a separate web site and "sign up", people are already logged on to their preferred sites (single issue such as Project Dirt, geolocated such as a hyperlocal site, Council etc). May be some overlap with what you are looking at for Care Act directory.
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    We're approaching this work in a very similar way and have an initial assessment form in alpha. This directs users in the two ways you set out - either onward into a referral process by integrating with our case management system or providing a 'care plan' for self-help that pulls together and signposts to an information, advice and provider portal. Would be very interested in collaborating or sharing work with others.
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    we are planning similar exercise, would be useful to share learning.
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    always interested in collaboration
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