Parking verification hub ALPHA

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department Corporate
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Tom Clark
Phase start 17 January 2019
Phase Estimated end 14 June 2019


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Building on our discovery phase to develop a single view of our citizens, we're focussing on developing a new verification hub to meet the resident verification needs of our Parking service as the first step towards decommissioning our existing Citizen Index.

The project will be using our existing technology, ClearCore, to build a smaller view of data across key systems to provide an automated and real time authentication of residency for parking permit applications via an API.




Status Updates

03 May 2019

  • Weeknote: Verification Hub 03/05/19

    We have now had confirmation that we can include data on our Housing Tenants in the VH which will expand the data core but also mean a bit more work to get the data into ClearCore over the next couple of weeks.

    Tom Clark has built initial data hub in ClearCore version 5 using data Council and Parking Permits. Next steps are to load Housing Benefits data and run some analysis around how well VH would have performed on recent permit applications.

    Matthew Keyworth has deployed the new VH API into AWS, this will make it much easier for Parking supplier Farvest Gate to access. We had call with Farvest Gate to start planning the next steps for them to start work on connecting the API and how we can proceed with a phased deployment of VH in Liberator Permit system.
    We have taken some time to map out the outstanding questions we have about how we treat parking data in the new world and this is now with Charlene, our product owner, to discuss in more detail with Parking colleagues and take some decisions. This is going to be important for the coming weeks as Steve Farr starts to work on the data engineering processes for Tenants, Benefits and Parking data.

    The project team have been suffering a bit again this sprint with conflicting priorities - we are all working on this for only a small portion of their time and over the last few sprints attention has been waning. We are all going to try and commit some more time and focus over the next few weeks as we get to deploying and live testing our prototype.

24 April 2019

  • Liz Harrison

    Weeknote: Verification Hub 24/04/19

    We’ve had decision in principle, to be able to use Housing Benefits data in the Verification Hub which is a big step forward, thanks to +Pat Parkinson for spending some time getting up to speed on the work in order to advise on this. We’re now working out some of the specifics about how we’ll use parking data itself within the data hub - currently, anybody who has been verified as living in the borough through a manual check with parking, has their data fed back into the Citizen Index as a verified resident and this approval has no end date, unless we’re notified by the resident of a change of address. We may want to continue with this approach or we could consider introducing a ‘shelf-life’ to verification so that after a set period of time, we ask a resident to provide evidence again of their residency. This is important to allow us to balance the need to be able to offer a manual check for someone who may not match against one of our VH datasets to prove they do indeed live in the borough, without making this such a regular requirement that we create a lot of additional demand for parking services’ doing manual checks while annoy residents with extra process too frequently.

    As a project team, we’re very keen to get the existing VH up and running in a live environment as our first point of verification asap. This will mean running live checks against VH in the first instance and then defaulting to the Citizen Index if someone doesn’t pass. This will allow us to collect data on how matching compares with the new system and tweak our data model and thresholds using the live feedback. To do this, we need the supplier of the parking system to integrate Liberator with +Matthew Keyworth new API and try it out in test and then move it into live. The big worry for us at the moment, is getting some time from the supplier to do this - we’re keeping our fingers crossed it might happen this sprint but it’s not looking likely and it’s starting to become our number one blocker.

10 April 2019

05 April 2019

02 April 2019

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