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London Borough of Lambeth

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Community Open Data is a system that allows users (councillors, officers, residents, service delivery and others) to upload datasets, create simple visualisations of the data and to comment, advise and help others to use open data effectively. The aim is to give to the community the same tools and expertise that local government has access to so that they can be informed, contribute and collaborate on issues that affect them.

It creates an on-line community of mentors and local experts who can help analyse and access datasets, extrapolate information from them and display them in a digestible format.

Service providers can harness local knowledge to better design service provision via a collaborative on-line tool based around visualisations of existing open data.

The site is up and running as a beta site/proof of concept idea. Data sets can be added to the CKAN server and then visualised using the Data Unity graphing tools that are embedded in the site. It allows anyone to comment and contribute, rate a dataset and/or visualisation so that errors and issues surrounding any interpretation can be crowdsourced for improving accuracy.

The beta site is here: http://live-communitydata.gotpantheon.com/front

The code is all open source, on github and available for anyone to use. The aim is to get this sort of tool embedded in as many sites as possible so that communities of interested people can help make open data work in decision making, informing and improving local communities and services.

Feedback/ideas/comments more than welcome.

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