Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department ICT
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Rashmi Shetty
Phase start 11 February 2019
Phase Estimated end 30 September 2019



Hackney have produced 8 APIs so far which are using service specific data set. We do not have data driven micro service architecture in place. The 8 APIs were completed before we had published our API standards. We now want our APIs to meet our playbook standards and follow our API first strategy.

In other words, we’re better organised than ever and we want to bring our open APIs up to our new standards.

Our vision?

“We want to build open APIs so good that people prefer to use them. This means our work has to result in secure, reusable, uniform and scalable code. The services we provide will be resilient and have a knowledgeable, enthusiastic team maintaining and improving them. Along with our partners, we will provide our users with the most effective, efficient service possible”




Status Updates

05 June 2019

  • Emma Harley

    Thank you all who attended our API Factory show and tell today afternoon. We had really good questions with regards to how security is baked in our platform,how will we address the api key generation going forward etc.As mentioned please give us your feedback and we’ll tell you what we did about it next time!

    Please see below link for the presentation and please feel free to ask if you have any queries /suggestions with regards to API Factory you would like to discuss with us.

31 May 2019

22 May 2019

  • Emma Harley

    API Factory Show & Tell
    Thanks to those who came to the show and tell! We fielded some great questions about data and privacy this time so, please, come loaded with even more enthusiasm and queries next time! 😄😄
    Slides can be found here

13 May 2019

  • Emma Harley
    API Factory video Weeknotes 9th May

    There's been a lot of holidays this week but the team has pushed on through with exciting terraform stuff and API design.

13 May 2019

11 April 2019

  • Emma Harley

    API Factory Weeknotes
    It's that time again! The fluffy microphone has been out and about to see what's happened in the world of upskilling our team and coding APIs this week.

10 April 2019

05 April 2019

  • Emma Harley

    *API Factory Video Weeknotes

    It's been another exciting week on the API factory project. We've made even more progress on the APIs but also some great advances in our on boarding and knowledge sharing goals

    Here they are! https://youtu.be/1pzoUXQvEas

28 March 2019

28 March 2019

  • Emma Harley

    >>>API Factory - Video Week note<<<
    It's taken us a while to get going with video weeknotes on this project but, they're here now and that's the important thing :D

13 March 2019

13 March 2019