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Posted by Sarah Jennings, [email protected] and Liz Copeland [email protected]

Knowledge Hub Updated: 26 January 2015

We have a co-creation project on Knowledge Hub to create an 'enterprise social network' space (ie social intranet + extranet + productivity tools) for organisations seeking a social way to engage employees and work with partners. The idea is to bring together collaboration tools and work productivity elements of Knowledge Hub together with the functionality of a secure intranet plus an extranet space for collaborating with partners and, of course, access to the wider Knowledge Hub. All hosting and support will be provided by Knowledge Hub, with administrative rights (including user/group management and interactive stats reporting) delegated to the relevant organisation.

Together with the Knowledge Hub community, we have developed the Agile stories and are now in production. The extranet element will be available by the end of February and the intranet by the end of March. Once the prototype is available, the concept will be further improved with the addition of open REST APIs to connect with back office directories and systems.

To test the concept, we are offering a free perpetual licence to councils who sign up as 'early adopters' by the end of March.

To join the project go to:


Here's an idea of the proposed architecture:


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