01 November 2014 to 01 May 2015


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West Berkshire Council

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LocalGov Digital Voice is the voice of digital practitioners working in or around local governments.

As part of West Berkshire Council's internal communication project, we're looking at creating similar functionality on our intranet for staff in specific council services. For example we might have a LocalGov Planning Voice or a LocalGov Children's Social Care Voice.

As with LocalGov Digital Voice, the content will be taken from authors nationally, so the the collation of who and what's included might only need to be done once and then can be used by everyone.

We think this will not only help collaboration across the sector, but help keep councils members and officers better informed about what's happening that might affect their particular role in the organisation or their service users, without having to actively seek it out.

We're currently compiling an initial list of tweeters and RSS feeds to include. We'll then build the prototype functionality. If you'd like to be part of this project then "Join" and we can work together to make this happen.


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