01 November 2014 to 30 November 2014


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Nottinghamshire County Council

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As part of the work toward (our new website ) we've developed some high level personas to inform our card sort and other user research and testing.

At the moment these are at a very high level across all our services and whole website but we'll be developing more specific personas as we do end-to-end work on customer journeys.

From the end of November we'll be able to share the personas we've developed as there are likely to be some which are applicable to other council services and websites.

I'll update this with details of the set but let me know if you're interested in making use of this work and resource.


  • Liked Gary Dunn
    We'd be interested in looking at these personas please.
  • Liked Phil Rumens
    Great idea, why duplicate this work if it's applicable to all local government websites.
  • Liked Lucy Knight
    Would like to take a look at these too