05 January 2015 to 27 March 2015


Project Owner

Barnsley Borough Council

[email protected]


02 July 2015 View History

On April 1st 2015, we will have 150+ transactional eForms available to publish online.

This project will redesign our website from the ground up, specifically focused around these.

Our intention is to revisit our branding, navigation and content to deliver a consistent, simple user experience for the services that we are able to offer.

Other projects will then look to introduce new transactional eForms that will be adopted into this new site over the course of the 2015/16 year.

We'll be using the open source Umbraco v7 WCM at the front, with (soon to be open source) C# .NET eForms at the rear. eForms will either a) email back office as a short term measure or b) integrate directly with a back office application.